Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of resources does BİLGİ Library have?

BİLGİ Libraries have more than 188,000 printed sources, over 62,500 e-periodicals, more than 655,000 e-books, 127 databases, e-encyclopedias, and other sources. You need to register to the library in order to benefit from library’s collection.

2. What are the library hours?

You can follow the library hours from this link.

Libraries remain open for longer hours during examination periods.

Libraries are closed on public holidays.

Library hours are subject to change.

3. How can I register to the library?

You need to fill out ‘Library Registration Form’.

4. How can I access my library account?

In order to access your library account online, you first need to fill out ‘Library Registration Form.’ You can log into your library account from with your SIS information by writing name.surname (without using @extension).

For detailed information, you can examine the documents on

5. I forgot my library password. What should I do?

In order to renew your library account password, click on human icon found on the upper right corner of the library webpage.  You can send password renewal request to your e-mail address connected to your library account by clicking on ‘Did you forget your PIN code?’ or you can send an e-mail to about this issue.

6. Can I see the list of the sources that I borrowed previously?

After logging onto your library account, you can see the list of the sources that you previously borrowed from ‘My Reading History.’

7. How can I renew the sources that I borrowed?

The renewal procedure can be carried out through your library account before the due date of your borrowed sources arrives. In order to extend the duration of the sources that you borrowed, you first need to log onto your library account and then click on ‘Renew Selected’ by choosing the sources for which you would like to get an extension or you can click on ‘Renew All.’ Renewal procedure cannot be carried out through phone or e-mail.

8. How can I learn the delay fee for the library and how can I pay the due fee?

You can access detailed information regarding library delay fee through your library account. You can pay the due fee to the following bank account:

Garanti Bank Beyoğlu Commercial Branch

Recipient: İstanbul Bilgi University

Branch No: 1671

IBAN: TR450006200167100006201302

Please note down ‘Library Due Fee, <Name Surname>’ as explanation. You can send the receipt to or you can take a printout and submit it to the library.

9. What should I do in case the source that I would like to borrow has been borrowed by someone else?

If the source that you would like to borrow has been borrowed by another user, you can put a ‘Hold’ on it. When the source is returned to the library, you will receive a notification in your registered e-mail address.

10. What should I do in case the source that I look for is not available in the library collection?

You can request the publications that are not available in our collection by filling out the form in the ‘Collection Development and Order’ section and then follow the status of your order on our website.

11. How can request books by means of Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

As part of Interlibrary Loan, the books and articles that BİLGİ Library does not have are provided from other libraries upon the request of library users. Academics, master’s degree and doctoral students who are registered to the library can benefit from this service. The users can share their ILL requests online with the Library through

12. Can İstanbul Bilgi University alumni benefit from the Library?

For the alumni to use İstanbul Bilgi University Libraries, they need to create a new registration by filling out the ‘Library Registration Form.’

Our alumni can use the audio-visual, printed, and electronic resources in our libraries at the campuses, can borrow printed sources, and use the sources in accordance with the copyright criteria. Pursuant to licence agreements, the electronic resources can only be accessed from the campus.

13. How can I benefit from e-books and e-publications?

In its e-resource collection, our Library has more than 60,000 e-periodicals, 127 databases, e-encyclopedias, and other sources. Our students can access these sources online for 7/24 both on and off-campus.

14. How can I access the electronic sources off-campus?

For off-campus access to electronic resources, you need to write your keyword to the search engine and choose BASE after logging onto In order to access the source that you would like to access off-campus, click on ‘BİLGİ Member: Login for full text access.’ For off-campus access, you can login with your SIS information name.surname (without @extension). If you cannot obtain access with your SIS information, you can do so by clicking on ‘Login with library account’ on BİLGİ Library Login page. After logging onto to your library account, you can click on the ‘Full text’ located under the resource that you would like to read and gain access to electronic sources off-campus.

15. What can I do to receive library support regarding research methods, projects, and thesis-writing process?

Information Experts offer applied courses at all levels regarding the issues of research methods, access to e-resources, and scholarly communication. In order to request online or face-to-face library instruction, you can fill out the ‘Library Instruction Request Form’ at on our website.

16. How can I share my suggestions and requests pertaining to libraries?

You can share your suggestions and requests pertaining to libraries by sending an e-mail to, through the online access platform ‘Ask a Librarian’ on or by visiting the libraries.

17. How can I follow the recent developments regarding the libraries?

You can follow the recent developments regarding the libraries on and from the social media accounts below.!/BILGI_Library