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Academic Journals (Nature Publishing Group)
Provides access to 38 full-text journals in clinical, physical and life sciences from 1997 to present.
Academic Search Ultimate
Provides access to more than 11.900 full-text journals in banking, finance, media, law, history, political science, sociology and other social sciences.
Academic Video Online
Provides access to more than 68.000 films, documentaries and award-winning videos. New content is added to this database every month.
Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective Index (1913-1983)
Provides access to more than 3 million bibliographical records of the 1.400 journals in life sciences, economics and administrative sciences from 1913 to 1983.
Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective: 1913-1983 (Uygulamalı Bilimler ve Teknoloji)
Provides access to more than 4.5 million bibliographical records of the 2.000 journals in life sciences, economics and administrative sciences from 1913 to 1983.
Art & Architecture Source
Provides access to more than 770 full-text journals, 220 full-text books and 63.000 images in architecture, interior architecture, fine arts, decoration, industrial design, archeology, urban design, landscape architecture from 1914 to present.
Provides access to more than 729,428 artist information with 27 million auction prices and indexes and art market information. Also, it contains images and gravures of 130 million artworks, art market information in the world from 1700 to present day. For institutional access, please contact your librarian.
Provides access to more than 2,5 million images in architecture, arts, humanities and sciences. The images in this database can be viewed and managed for education and research purposes.
Atatürk Kültür, Dil ve Tarih Yüksek Kurumu
Provides access to substantial resources related to Turkish language, history and culture, research, analysis and translations.
Beck- e Bibliothek
Provides access to 65 e-books in public law, civil law and criminal law.
Beck Online
Provides access to more than 1 million cases, 500 e-books and 115 journals related with German Law.
Belt and Road Initiative Reference Source
Provides access to more than 50 newspapers, 5.000 full-text journals in economics, finance, geography, law, architecture, agriculture, technology, civil engineering and logistics.
Bloomsbury Fashion Central
It is a database that provides text, photographs and magazine content in different disciplines on clothing and fashion.
Bloomsbury Architecture Library
Bloomsbury Architecture Library database provides access to 44 ebooks and 2.300 photographs, drawings and building plans in architecture, architectural history, landscape and interior space.
Bloomsbury Cultural History
Provides access to more than 100 books and 1.500 photos from the Wellcome Collection to enable content on a wide variety of topics from ancient times to the present to be discovered. For off campus access user name: IBIUNI password: IBIUNI21
Trial Date: June 30, 2021
Britannica Academic Edition
Provides access to more than 85.000 articles 800.000 full-text journals, 50.000 pictures, 2.000 videos, 10.000 e-books and reference sources. Apart from these, it includes blog pages are among the ones offered by the World Bank ‘World Data Analyst’ portal, a biography section, World Atlas and Timeline portal. For off campus access; user name: bilgi password: access
Business Periodicals Index Retrospective
Provides access to bibliographical records of the more than 1.000 journals and more than 2.500.000 articles. The database indexed academic and commercial journals from 1913 to 1982.
Business Source Ultimate
Provides access to more than 5.224 full-text journals, country reports and company profiles, market research reports and other resources in management science, economics, finance and international finance.
Cambridge Journals Online
Provides access to 423 full-text journals with back issues in social sciences and humanities, technology and medicine.
Central & Eastern European Academic Source
Provides access to 660 full-text journals in literature, history, sociology, business and economics, library and information science, engineering and health sciences.