Off-Campus Access

Off Campus Access

You may access to the Bilgi Library home page at  or you may go to the Bilgi University home page  first, then click library button.

Before accessing to e-resources off campus you must register to the library. For registration you must fill out library registration form.

To access electronic resources off campus, click on BASE in the red circle for your searches at

Write your keyword about your research and click on the search button.

To access the resources from off-campus click on “BİLGİ Member: Login for full access”

There are 2 options to access to e-reources:

First option, please write your Bilgi user name (name.surname) and password then click on Student or Instructor/Staff.

Second option is, accesing to e-resources off campus by creating a library password. Write your name to «name», write your student/staff ID number to «Student/Staff No» and click on submit. It will ask you to create a library pin, and write it twice.

Then you can access to e-resources in off-campus. Click on the “Full text” button under the article you want to read.